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  Xi’an jutong Electrical automation equipment Engineering Co.,Ltd. is a professional to provide automation control and electrical drive solutions for the main business, system integration, project implementation, OEM customer solutions and support, Schneider industrial products sales and maintenance, services for the integrated automation high-tech enterprises.Schneider-China agent.

  Our main agent of industrial products are as follows:

1£¬ Schneider Acti 9 series circuit breaker£»NG125 series high breaking miniature circuit breaker£»C120 series miniature circuit breaker£»IC65N-K series miniature circuit breaker£»IC60LMA series miniature circuit breaker£»IINT125 series disconnector£»C60 series miniature circuit breaker¡£
2£¬ Schneider Muti 9 series circuit breaker£»DPNa/N/H series Ph+N miniature circuit breaker£»DPNK2 series Ph+N miniature circuit breaker£»DPNa Vigi series residual current operated circuit breaker£»DPNa vigi-K series leakage circuit breaker£»INT series disconnector£»C65N-K series miniature circuit breaker£»
3£¬Schneider Easy 9 series circuit breaker£»EA9C45 (integrated) residual current operated protective circuit breaker£»EA9C65 (integrated) residual current operated protective circuit breaker£»EA9D disconnector£»EA9ANG series overvoltage protection circuit breaker¡£
4£¬Schneider DC mini circuit breaker,C65-DC DC miniature circuit breaker.
5£¬Schneider Osmart series miniature circuit breaker,Osmart miniature circuit breaker;Osmart K series miniature circuit breaker.

6£¬Schneider IH mechanical timing switch, IHP electronic programmable timing switch;
7£¬Schneider command control element£¬ICT series standard contactor£»ICT series with manual control function contactor¡£
8£¬Schneider NSX series moulded case circuit breaker£¬NSX series moulded case circuit breaker (complete circuit breaker)£»NSX80MA full plastic case circuit breaker for motor protection£»NSX complete circuit breaker with leakage protection£»NSX DC molded case circuit breaker£»NSX series moulded case circuit breaker (complete circuit breaker 690V)£»NSX DC PV80 ~ 500 photovoltaic DC circuit breaker£»NSX NA DC PV100 ~ 1600 photovoltaic special DC circuit breaker¡£
9£¬Schneider NS series moulded case circuit breaker£¬NS series fixed complete circuit breaker£»NS630b-1600A series moulded case circuit breaker (fixed manual operation)£»NS630b-1600A series moulded case circuit breaker (drawer type manual operation)£»NS630b-1600A series moulded case circuit breaker (drawer operated)£»NS630b-1600A series load switch (fixed manual operation)£»NS630b-1600A series load switch (fixed electric operation)£»NS630b-1600A series load switch (drawer type manual operation)£»NS630b-1600A series load switch (drawer type electric operation)¡£
10£¬Schneider EZD series moulded case circuit breaker£¬EZD series moulded case circuit breakers for distribution (old products)£»EZD leakage molded case circuit breaker (old product)£»Molded case circuit breakers for EZD series motors (old products)£»EZD series moulded case circuit breaker for distribution (new product)£»Molded case circuit breakers for EZD series motors (new product)£»EZD series leakage molded case circuit breaker (new product)¡£
11£¬Schneider NSC series OEM special molded case circuit breaker£¬Osmart NSC molded case circuit breaker¡£

12£¬Schneider PowerPact UL series OEM special plastic£¬Osmart Powerpact UL (hot magnetic) molded case circuit breaker£»Osmart Powerpact UL (Electronic) series moulded case circuit breaker¡£
13£¬Schneider CVS series moulded case circuit breaker£¬Easypact CVS series moulded case circuit breaker£»Vigi CVS Series Molded Case leakage circuit breaker£»Easypact CVS series motor protection moulded case circuit breaker£»
14£¬Schneider MT series frame breaker£¬MT06-16 N1 fixed circuit breaker£»MT06-16 N1 drawer circuit breaker£»Fixed air circuit breaker with MT08-63 N2 H1 H2 H1b£»MT08-63 N2 H L drawer air circuit breaker£»MasterPact MT series frame load switch¡£

15£¬Schneider NW series AC1000V air circuit breaker£¬NW08-40 1000VAC drawer circuit breaker£»NW08-40 1000VAC drawer load isolating switch¡£

16£¬Schneider NW series DC circuit breaker£¬NW10-NW40 DC series DC circuit breakers (fixed)£»NW10-NW40 DC series DC circuit breaker (drawer type)¡£

17£¬Schneider MVS series air circuit breaker£¬Easypact MVS series air circuit breaker£»Easypact MVS series load switch¡£

18£¬Schneider load isolating switch£¬Fupact ISFL fuse disconnecting switch (strip fuse)£»Fupact INFD isolating switch fuse set¡£

19£¬Schneider grounding protection£¬RH10M protection relay£»RH21M protection relay£»RH99M protection relay¡£

20£¬Schneider PowerLogic power monitoring system£¬PM800 series electric parameter measuring instrument£»PM700 series electric parameter measuring instrument£»PM5000 series electric parameter measuring instrument¡£

21£¬Schneider LC1D series AC contactor£¬LC2D series AC reversible contactor

22£¬Schneider LRD series thermal overload relay£¬Schneider LRD33 series thermal overload relay

23£¬Schneider ATS48 series soft starter£¬ATS01 series soft starter£»ATS22 series soft starter

24£¬Schneider ATV12 series inverter£¬Schneider ATV32 series inverter£»ATV303 series inverter£»ATV312 series inverter£»ATV31C IP55 three-phase inverter£»ATV212 series inverter£»ATV21 series inverter£»ATV61 (IP20) series converter£»ATV71 (IP20) series converter£»ATV310 series inverter£»ATV610 series inverter¡£